Heidi Hörsturz (DE)

Heidi Hörsturz (DE)

The multimedia artist “Heidi Hörsturz” is operating in the YoYo Galaxy. After an colourful explosion from her pink spaces. she flew with the pegasus-unicorn Swift-Wind to various exhibitions and art festivals on the planet earth.

Her shocking live shows and her absurd art installations are legandary. Her work combines modern trash art culture and noisy sound designs.

It describes the desire of the contemporary society to get more overstimulation in rapidly shrinking attention spans. The search for shocking informations and sexual content and the yearning for a colourful world tries to replace the current depression. The repression of self-reflection with audiovisual brain attacks represents a striving for an artificially constructed world. A digital orgasm that overlays the emotional relations to the natural enviroment.

Pinky rainbows! Unicorn deconstruction! Braindisturbing! Sex-trashart attacs!!

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