Lucas Sloot

Lucas Sloot

Locatie: Pop up Galerie Schuttenstraat


Young at Art Lucas Sloot is recent afgestudeerd aan Artez Arnhem


Nice to meet you.


“By being here, I let myself be seen. Be heard. Be felt.

I let you be near me because you let me be near you.


What we can learn from each other, is that just something between us?

What kind of influence I have on you? But also: what kind of influence you have on me?

What will I do when we depart from each other?

Do I say what I want to say? Do you hear what I want to say or are you hearing something totally different?

What do you expect of me?


The situation we are in can be everything. Still, we just talk about a few things.

Are we made just by these things or are we more than that?”


Lucas as a Tower


12 augustus 2016


MAFF 2016

Lucas Sloot